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Picture Diary: Late March - Early April

I’m going to be chronicling my life more often, since the move I have unpacked my Minolta camera that I used to take with me everywhere and I can’t wait to show everyone my film adventures once again!

Spring is in full effect in Colorado. The weather is unpredictable with winds and tornado warnings a few miles up the road from home.

And then some days are so beautiful at 81 degrees of pure sunshine that I am sitting outside taking in the warmth, skeptical it could be happening already.

(a view of our backyard overlooking the cherry blossoms and lake)

As some of you know, the last two weeks have been some major adjustments in my personal and professional life. I’ve taken the leap to doing photography full-time and it feels so wonderful to be doing what I love. We also moved into a new condo and are loving every second of making it our first home together.

Some of you close to me also know that right before crossing those bridges, I became very ill and ended up having to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. It was quite torturous and I am glad to have come out of everything alright and the support I received from my family was … well, I couldn’t have done anything without them, especially my husband.

For five days my life was filled with pain killers, a lot of movies, struggling to climb even a small set of stairs and keeping to myself. I had a lot of time to think about life and the meaning of everything. -smirk-

And now? I’m back to work slowly recovering to my pre-gallbladder lynnseyself, interviewing for freelance jobs, working and editing pictures, getting ready for senior portraits (if you are interested in being a senior representative, please contact me asap!) and my first magazine editorial in mid-may. Life feels really lovely right now despite the drawback, and I can’t wait for the spring shoots that are coming up soon!

Photographer: Lynnsey Dunson

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