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"A Story In Film: Day One"- California Adventure | Los Angeles, California & Santa Monica, California | Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

Day one. Our plane landed and I fumbled with my bag. The smell of the ocean and pollution filled my nose, but somehow making me feel at home.

We waited for Emeli to land, Allison and I, struggling to get our rental car figured out and if we were going to be running on time.

But it didn’t matter. Because it had been 7 years since I was last in this city, where the lights never go off and there are always new people to meet and become friends with.

We all have a purpose here. We are either born here, or we are reborn here.

We met up with Allison’s friend David in Santa Monica and later my childhood best friend, August (Gus to most) who lives nearby. We ate amazing food, we laughed and drank so we could toast to our adventure, and then we walked to the Santa Monica pier. Truth is, I wanted to spend too much time capturing the moments of strangers on the ferris wheel, but I knew in my heart I’d return soon and didn’t want to waste a moment of precious time with my friends.

After dipping our toes in the ocean (my only true home), we went down to the Venice area and drank tea and chatted with one another about our accomplishments and how we all hope to be stars one day to some extent. We window shopped and posted far too many photos on instagram. Allison and I were bright eyed with dreams that were within reach, but also dreams that were terrifying to have in our hands.

We made a home-made dinner at August’s house later that night after spending far too much time in the natural food’s grocery store delighted by all the food and wine. Allison and Emeli made an amazing meal of pesto pasta and goat cheese salad while I swooned over August’s camera collection. Meanwhile Zeus (the only chihuahua I’ve ever met and loved since I was teenager) made his way to each of us, licking our hands and cuddling on our laps, and I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when I would see August and Zeus everyday as a child, innocent and 13 years old full of crazy dreams. Casey and I finally got to speak to one another, August’s love of nearly seven years now, and the whole evening was washed down with wine and laughter and great music.

Our first night in the city. I wanted to capture every moment, but I also didn’t want to take the moments away, even for a second. What a beautiful beginning.



"To The Woods We Run" - Jaclyn Gest Fashion Shoot | Centennial, Colorado | Fashion Photographer

There was an echo; softly making it’s way towards her ears and quick to fill the tiny white spaces that remained in her thoughts.

Why am I here?

With sparks from her fingers, and wings from her back she carries through the woods and onto the patterns in the trees, hoping to find her lost love.

Time is so slow but it fills her minutes quickly as she continues to search.

With her hands resting on the trees and her eyes closed in unison with the feeling of regret, she waits and watches.

So take her hand, it’s time to leave. To the woods we run.


Photographer: Lynnsey Dunson

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